Attention: Female Coaches, Consultants, and Small Business Owners!
Girlfriend,.. Do you feel you have six-figure potential but not sure how to translate this potential into results?
1) You invested in courses and mastermindS with no return on investment... 
2) Or your coaching program Doesn't Use Strategies That You Want To Use.

In the past, you Felt Your coach Ignore That People Are Human Beings.
These Strategies Are Viewed As Numbers And Things. 
“It's A Numbers Game”. Track Number Of Leads, Prospects, And Appointments.
Are you getting sick of hearing 
“Share your product or service with your friends and family”. (this is what past coaches keep telling you.

What you hear… You translate this to mean nagging your inner circle to hear about product or service. So you can share with anyone that is willing to listen.

Everyone is your potential customer.

What you hear… I have to talk to your family and friends about your product or service. Even when they are not interested. Which makes you wonder “Is there something wrong with me? My coach told me that everyone needs what I have, but, the reality is they may need it. But, they don’t want it. 

There is no distinction between your personal life and your business. Share and promote on your personal pages and on personal social media pages.

What you hear... Everyone will think the only thing I talk about is my business. I might lose my identity in an effort to grow this business. 

Send cold transactional DM’s to strangers on social media. 

What you hear... I’m going to always feel uncomfortable, and anxious reaching out to strangers. I know that when I dehumanize the people I am talking to I stop enjoying sales. So basically, I will do nothing, and my sales won’t grow. 

These strategies have worked for many people. But, it doesn't feel good to you. 
You want to live in a world where...
You treat people as humans, not numbers.
You build meaningful, sustainable relationships built on trust.
You enjoy the journey and feel like your growth strategies align with who you are. 
You are a six-figure earner, not because you bothered people, but because you connected with them. 
As an entrepreneur, we are problem solvers. 
We give our client or prospect options to solve their obstacles.  

This is done after we have prequalified someone who has an interest and wants to take action. 

How is this done? By connecting with someone, asking questions AKA building relationships. Not sharing a transactional script.  

You want to work with people that have an issue you can solve and are ready to take action to solve it, not just whine. People buy people. We find a need and fill it for a few that have an urgent need to act.

You believe relationships allow follow up without nagging. 

The person knows we care about her as a person. Not just our next sale. 

No more nagging.

My prospects can see my business growing because we have a relationship and communicate on a regular basis. 
We attract new clients to your business daily so you don’t have to worry about nagging your existing clients to cover your lack of lead generation. 

Clients are happy to refer you to their inner circle because they know, like, and trust you. 

You find commonalities to grow relationships that expand your business. 

You are not talking to leads. You are talking to people.

Ultimately you…

You want to  to be seen as an authority and be respected by your peers.  

You don’t want to reinvent yourself as an extrovert.  

You want to be who you are. 

As someone with introverted tendencies that values business relationships. I say, “Do you, boo!”  

So you can have more consistent sales and collaboration or referral partners.
Finally, a business strategy that uses your innate gifts you can brag about. 

Build a business beyond your friends and family.  

Massive personal growth and opportunities. 

Girlfriend, you are not the problem. 

You can be successful just being you.

Have you ever said to yourself…

“ I must be the problem."

“Maybe this is not for me.” 

“I can only be successful if I am an outgoing extrovert.”

“Maybe I can only sell to people I know- friends and family.”

“I’m not good at selling and meeting new people.”

Lucky for you, these are all lies you have been telling yourself.

The truth is that you can be exactly who you are…

Have meaningful relationships while building an amazing business.

And sell something you love and believe in. 

You can have it all. I want this to be your reality and here is how we are going to do it.

That's why I created...

I created the Relationship Accelerator to …

Build human connections that attract repeat business

Generate an abundance of engaging referrals and leads

Make sales and networking fun. :-)

​Help introverted women feel like there is a way to build their business without pretending to be an extrovert.
So Why Me? 
I did transactional communication for one and done sale for only today. 

I sent cold social media DM’s. I have pretend to an outgoing extrovert because I thought that was the only way to succeed.

 Harassing women not interested in my product or service.

I want to help you collapse the sales process timeframe and have clients asking you “how can I buy your product or service” to reach your business goals.

Building relationships in business is essential for success.
Relationships are key to creating momentum and generating sales. Without strong relationships, it can be difficult to get customers interested in your product or service, let alone make a sale. 

The first step to building relationships in business is to understand your customer. 

Take the time to get to know them and find out what their needs and interests are. 
This will help you tailor your sales pitch and make it more relevant to their situation. 
It will also help create trust and loyalty between you and your customers.

Next, you need to focus on providing solutions for your customers.
Think about how your product or service can benefit them specifically and make sure to go into detail about why they need it. 
Show enthusiasm for your product and be sure to emphasize the advantages it can bring. 

It's also important to stay connected with your customers. 
Keep in touch with them through email, social media, or even through phone calls. 
This will remind them that you are invested in their success and make you more memorable as a businessperson. 

So how does it work?
So how we help you get there…

Cultivate a Rich Environment

  • Eliminate negative self talk
  • Manifest new positive financial outcomes

Build Authentic  Relationships 

  • How to ask and not assume
  • ​Engage instead of push
  • ​Customize their solution

Nurture to Convert

  • How to create space, but keep connection for when they are ready to buy/join (marinate) 
  • Support their need to build the know, like, and trust factor, so that their fears go away and they join/buy when they are ready.
So if you are an entrepreneur , then it's time to solve problems and not convince.

So what is included?
So how we help you get there…

Bi-weekly training for
 6-months via Zoom

  •  Live bi-weekly Zoom meetings. Recording are available.
  • ​You can listen to these recordings over and over again to absorb all the gold nuggets from each session. 
  • Rinse and repeat this wealth of information and act on what you heard to get results that transform your business.

Ultra-Private Facebook Community

  • Surround yourselves around like-minded go-getters.
  • Share new thoughts and questions with your group mates.
  • ​Create collaborations and referral partners.

Lifetime Access to Modules and Workbook

  • This is downloadable workbook allows you to keep all your notes, key take aways, and action steps in one place while having instant access to all speaker contact information. 
  • This journal keeps you organized and you will effortlessly be able to rinse and repeat your new learnings.
  • ​Get access to the "How to " action plans with share step-by step instruction on our proven strategies.
So if you are coach, then it's time to connect and not nag.
So what is my investment?
6-month program.
  •  LIVE Bi-weekly training
  • Ultra-Private Facebook Community
  • LIfetime Access To Modules and Workbook
3-month program
  • LIVE Weekly training
  • Ultra-Private Facebook Community
  • LIfetime Access To Modules and Workbook
Girlfriend,... thanks for viewing my entire Relationship Accelerator program page.

I’m sure if you are here you are considering taking the next step.

You have probably viewed this page many times because you are not sure. How do I know that? 

Because I have done the same thing in the past when purchasing coaching programs myself.

Just know the next step is an easy one. 

You are just setting up a fitting call with me to determine if we are a good fit for each other.

It is a safe step that doesn’t require you to spend any money.... unless you decide to hire me. LOL

So why would you want to do this? 

I have been where you are in your business.
Struggling to figure this out by yourself…
Wondering will this group coaching program really works…

I know from experience, never know if you don’t take the next step.  You will either “wish you did” or be “glad you did”.

So, if anything I said above resonates with you, click the link.

I would love to help you if you would allow me, but you have to click the link. See you soon.


So if you are consultant, then it's time to level up and not remain the same.
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